Producing the world's first waste-based


Introducing XRD® - a renewable diesel that is

redefining ultra low carbon transportation fuel.

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The XRD®

Process Versatility

UrbanX's unique fuel process technology can be used for renewable diesel, jet fuel, Naptha, and LPG.

Feedstock Diversity

XRD® is generated by a process that accepts up to 100% free fatty acid (lowest grade) feedstocks.

Enhanced Performance

XRD® is the industry's highest cetane fuel. It provides better vehicle performance compared to conventional ultra-low sulfur diesel (ULSD).

Ultra-low NOX emissions

XRD® can provide major and immediate NOx reductions when substituted for conventional diesel in millions of heavy-duty off-road vehicles and equipment types.

100% Drop-In Diesel

XRD® immediately provides a very low-emission solution for diesel engines, with no hardware costs or infrastructure changes.


XRD® offsets pollution emissions through generated carbon credits in both Federal and State-level Cap-and-Trade emissions trading systems.